Zodiacs is a series created by PixelMiette.


When 6 friends stay late at school, their English teacher gives them special amulets which give them superpowers.


Novalie Alberona

The smart and sensible leader. Somewhat of a child prodigy, Novalie is very mature, possibly more mature than her friends, who still crack jokes about bodily functions. As Aries, she has the power of ramming into enemies and wields a staff as her weapon.

Melba Zisser

The serious and rebellious one. Melba doesn't like following rules and has a slew of suspensions and has been thrown out of 3 schools. She is obnoxious and unlikeable, but once you get to know her she has a soft side to her. As Scorpio, she has the power of growing her hands into scorpion-like claws. She wields a huge mallet as her weapon.

Jennie Schepp

The ditzy and goofy one. Jennie is a prankster and a jokester, and runs a local coffee shop she and her friends hang out at. She is described as funny, silly and a little bit absent-minded. As Piscies, she has the power of swimming and being able to breathe underwater. She wields a battle axe as her weapon.

Trevor Eastwood

Kevin Ashburton

Jeffery Dedvine