I do not even need to eat, soo.

V.O.I.D., standing for Viridian Organic Intellectual Droid, or better known as Void Black, is a non-fandom original character created by Lillie, who exists in the Lillie's Lotus fanverse.


Void often wears different clothes depending on her mood. However her usual clothing consists of lime green hat, and teal colored scarf. As well as this, Void tends to wear a golden dress, as well as brown boots.


Despite being very similiar similiar to a human, but originating from another solar system, Void Black has superhuman powers. These powers will be listed later.




Name Etemology

  • Void meaning a lack of something.
  • The surname Black, originating from Scottish and English terms.


  • She has a spider fetish. Yep, imagine that however you want.
  • Before you ask, she comes from a planet where droids evolved to the life of self sentience and the ability to give birth, as well as gaining emotions and other human things.