Several Millennia Later is the first episode of the first season of Rosempire.


It's been several millennia since Rosinca cracked, Inca Rose and Desert Rose went missing, and Rose Gold ran the Cityscape Spire, but how has the Cityscape Spire been?


The sunset was shimmering in the noon, where the Cityscape Spire wasn't making that much of a noise, in fact, Lapis Diaspore and Danalite just finished up a swift arguement, and them being immature, they are giving eachother the silent treatment. The two glare at eachother, while Rose Gold sighs.

Rose Gold: Ugh, you two aren't gonna keep at it forever. Just stop it and truce, we're a team after all.

Danalite holds her breathe in deep anger.

Rose Gold: Please stop fighting.

Lapis Diaspore shrugs.

Rose Gold: I'll step on your gem like Inca Rose accidentally did to Rosinca if you don't.

Danalite: UGH FINE ROSE.

Lapis Diaspore: I win, cool.

Danalite: You may have won, bUT HAVE YOU GOT IN THE DAMN HALL OF FAME?

Danalite puts Lapis Diaspore in a headlock, while Lapis Diaspore flails their legs in the air.

Rose Gold: Hehehe, gems these days.

Rock Candy Druzy dashes towards Rose Gold.

Rose Gold: What happened now, Rocky?

Rock Candy Druzy: Rozzy.

Rose Gold: Oh no.

Rock Candy Druzy takes Rose Gold to a room filled with rose gold colored bubbles, Danalite takes Lapis Diaspore out of the headlock and follows Rock Candy Druzy and Rose Gold, Lapis Diaspore takes a deep breathe and does the same as Danalite and follows the gems.

Rose Gold: Oh dear, the bubble's appearing to be hatching.

Rock Candy Druzy: Mhm.

Danalite: Woah, where did these gems come from???

Rose Gold jumps up out of fright.

Rose Gold: HheeYOOOOOOOOUH! When did you get here Danalite, Lapis Diaspore?

Lapis Diaspore: I dunno.

Danalite: We followed you.

Rose Gold sighs.

Rose Gold: As you two know, Rosinca got cracked by Inca Rose with her stepping on her accidentally, but there is the bubble Rozzy's gem was encased in. But, there's more gems, like the fallen residents of this very spire, such as Creme Rose Pearl, Iron Rose, Rose Opal, etc.

Danalite gets close to Rosinca's gem.

Danalite: Woah..... Interesting!


Danalite touches the bubble.

Danalite: BUT MOM!


Danalite holds the bubble, and Rose Gold lets out a shriek.

Rose Gold: REFRAIN!

Danalite: Why?

Danalite plays with the bubble until.....POP!

Rose Gold: Oh dear, get ready for Rozzy.

A gem falls out of the rose gold colored recently popped bubble, the gem is cracked and pink, a gem is about to form.

Rock Candy Druzy: Any last words??

Rose Gold: Tell these bubbles I love them.

Rosinca formed through the gem, she appears to be frail, and angry.

Rose Gold: Rozzy! It's been over two millenia!

Rosinca: Eh, well, iT'S been a sLow life in a bUBBLE.

Rose Gold: How are you?

Rosinca: CraCKED.

Rose Gold: Oh.... Sorry about whomever cracked you.

Rosinca: I rEmemBER wHO iT is!

Rose Gold: Who?

Rosinca: It was...... ApaCHE TEAR! A HOMEWORLD SPY!

Rose Gold: Ugh, I knew i---- Wait, Apache Tear died YEARS before you got cracked.

Rosinca: Really? HmM.... I dOn't rEmemBER tHen.

Rose Gold: Dammit, so close to cracking that case. Whelp, great to have you back Rozzy! Hope I find the way to Rose's Fountain again... That crack is rough.

Rosinca: EhH. It's fINE, dOn'T wORRY AbouT mEE!

Rose Gold: But, it's my duty to help you!---

Rock Candy Druzy: Rosie.

Rose Gold: Huh??

Rock Candy Druzy: She said don't worry about it, so silence.

Lapis Diaspore: Preach, Rocky, preach.

Rose Gold sighs.

Rose Gold: I suppose your right-----

Rock Candy Druzy: Silence.

Danalite: I've heard so much about you Rosinca!

Rosinca: rEALLy?

Danalite nods her head in agreement.

Danalite: Yeah, Rose Gold over there told me so much about you!

Rosinca: Did sHE TEll yOU aBoUt iNCa Rose?

Danalite: She only told me that you were stepped on by her.

Rose Gold: Oh yeah, Rozzy---

Rock Candy Druzy hushes Rose Gold.

Rosinca: Well...... What's your name???

Danalite: Danalite, Dana for short.

Rosinca: OH! Well, Dana, I'll tell you about my life later.

Rosinca walks into the main hall of the Cityscape Spire

Rosinca: What a change! I see the chandelier is still there.

Rose Gold and the others follow Rosinca.

Lapis Diaspore: Yep...

Rose Gold: Danalite, I think you've had enough training.

Danalite: Wait, REALLY???

Rose Gold: Mhm! Let's go to Rose's Fountain, theres probably corrupted gems there and we need to get some tears for Rozzy.

Rosinca: BuT, I cAN SUrvIVE a BiT LOnger wITh thiS cRack.

Rose Gold: Yeah, but you need to be fixed! Danalite, get a bucket, we're getting a ton of those tears.

Danalite: HELL YEAH!

Rosinca: DanA! ThaT mOUth!

Rose Gold: Rozzy, it's just a place!


Danalite and Rose Gold are on their trail to Rose's Fountain, then Danalite spots a moving bush, even though it's not windy outside.

Danalite: Rose Gold, look!

Rose Gold: Probably a huge insect, just leave it alone.

Danalite: Alrighty.

A corrupted gem flys out of the bush, latching on to Rose Gold's leg.

Danalite: Here we go.

Danalite summons her gauntlets, tears the gem off of Rose Gold and punches it into the sky.

Rose Gold: Ahhh, impressive!

Danalite: I know.

Rose Gold: Wow, that ego though.

Danalite: Once again, I know.

They make their way to Rose's Fountain, fill the bucket with tears, and head home.


Danalite: We have Rose's tears!! Wow that sounds so dark now that I think about it.

Rosinca: WoW, thANKS gUYS!!!

Lapis Diaspore: Rest in peace crack.

Rose Gold: Whelp, this is where you should know about Inca Rose.

Rosinca: WhAT HaPPeNEd To hER???

Rose Gold: I'll tell you after I heal you.

Rose Gold puts some of the tears on Rosinca's gem, she fully heals.

Rosinca: Ah, so as you were saying.

Lapis Diaspore: Finally, no more voice crack.

Rosinca: Wow, negative sky aren't ya. Anyways, Rose Gold?

Rose Gold: Oh yeah, Inca Rose is missing.

Rosinca's eyes water with tears.

Rosinca: W-wait, really??? 

Rose Gold: ......Yeah.

Rosinca: That's heart breaking!

Rose Gold: ....Yeah.........

Rosinca huffs and puffs.