Rosinca is a close follower of Rose Quartz, co-founder and builder of the Cityscape Spire, lover of Inca Rose and character in the fanon universe, Aspenha Andromeda. She is appears in the fanon, Rosempire. She is also a character created by Aspenha.


Rosinca has light ivory skin with a tint of pink, her eyes are candy red, and her curly, elegant afro-like hair is a shade of currant. She wears a sangria dress with long, flowy sleeves, with a dark blush corset, she also wears dark blush heeled boots.


Rosinca is usually highly cheery most of the time, she dislikes negativity, yet adores Inca Rose, whom is essentially her exact oppisite. Rosinca ignores criticism most of the time, and is occasionally independent, and outspoken. She strives for equality.



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Rosinca is a close follower of Rose Quartz, while the rebellion was brewing up, Rosinca and Inca Rose decided to make the Cityscape Spire, for rebels who couldn't find a place to live. But, during the war, Rosinca was cracked, and bubbled by her lover, Inca Rose. She's still currently bubbled.

Episodic History

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Rosinca possesses standard gem abilities, such as fusing, shapeshifting, and summoning a weapon.


  • Meteor Hammer Proficiency: Rosinca possesses a meteor hammer for her weapon, she can also dual wield, for more information about that, read below.
    • Dual-Wielding: Since Rosinca is ambidextrious, she can dual-wield with ease.
  • Streetfighting: Rosinca is a heavily skilled streetfighter.
  • Swordsmanship: Rosinca is skilled with fighting with swords, but she prefers her meteor hammer.

Special Abilities

  • Plant Manipulation: Rosinca can manipulate plants, except for trees.
    • Plant Beam Emission: Rosinca can project beams of plant material. This has limits however. If she does this more than once per form, her gem may crack, or even shatter.
  • Healing: Rosinca can heal other gems, but not herself.


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  • Rosinca was originally Desert Rose.