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Rosempire is a fanon series that takes place in New Yorsey where four Crystal Gems, being Danalite, Rock Candy Druzy, Rose Gold and Lapis Diaspore live in an abandoned spire known as the Cityscape Spire, in which was a safehouse for rebels during the rebellion. They are on the quest to heal Rosinca, and find Inca Rose and Desert Rose.


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0 Before Downfall title card

Before Downfall August 14th, 2016
The fascinating past of the Cityscape Spire is told with a mini episode.
1 SML title card

Several Millenia Later August 17th, 2016
Now the present time is told with the forgotten Crystal Gems discovering something new.
2 Pins and Needles title card

Pins and Needles August 20th, 2016
Rosinca and RCD's relationship has some issues.