Lana's Undying Hell, abbreviated as LUH to fit in with other unknown abbreviations (FOX, CNN, CN, OMG, LOL, MFW), is Destricia's fanon/story universe. It is affiliated with LUH.

Fandoms that will be used

  • Pokemon
    • Destricia, trainer-esque: A Trainer called Xander explores the land of Destricia, undiscovering the secrets of Mega Deoxys, the Tao Trio, Meysis, Zygarde, and the Tapus who have visited Destricia for unknown reasons. There are also regional variants and fusions.
    • Destricia, adventure-esque: A group of Trainers explore the land of Destricia, with something usually being uncovered. Team Plasma's reunited ever since N betrayed them and took Reshiram, so they're a problem, too.
  • Steven Universe
    • Dresden Never Dies: A demi-Gem who's the son of a Diamond has his friend taken away by the other Diamonds, so Dresden must save him.

Non-fandom stuff

  • Zelanta Tower: Four workers uncover many secrets at Zelanta Tower, a place that generates fighting energy. The year is 2053.
  • Fabula de Aydel: Four warriors stand in the land of Amidell, and they're the most powerful. However, when Aydel, a man from tradition comes back in an all new powered up form, something has to be done.
  • Sweet, Sweet Meryael: In Camp Lentimas many people train the hardest they could at a young age. Even bad things can happen in perfect Meryael, though.