Inca Rose was a follower of Rose Quartz, co-builder/co-founder of the Cityscape Spire, romantic partner of Rosinca and is currently missing. Inca Rose is a character in the fanon universe, Aspenha Andromeda. Since Inca Rose is in the fanon universe Aspenha Andromeda, she is a character created by Aspenha.


Inca Rose has a mid rose complexion with jam red eyes and lipstick red hair, she wears a mid blush red dress and mid blush red shoes. She has a rose as a hair accessory, and her hair is somewhat of a bob cut.


Inca Rose is usually very cranky, wanting to sleep most of the time. She's very mellow as well, and low maintenance, but she wants what she wants, and if she wants it, she has to get it.



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Inca Rose was born tens of thousands of years before the rebellion, and being forced to make gemstones, such as Rose Quartzes, she befriended the one that many of you know today as "The Pacifist". Later, Inca Rose idolized and valued Rose and agreed with her for most of Rose's decisions, but after Rosinca's cracking and bubbling, she has went missing since.

Episodic History


Episode Zero: Before Downfall

Inca Rose is set to be checking in new residents of the Cityscape Spire with her lover, Rosinca. The next day is when the conflict starts, Rosinca ends up cracked and Inca Rose discovers this by accidentally stepping on her gem thinking it was a bug, so Inca Rose calls up Desert Rose and Rose Gold to aid her. Then, Inca Rose and Desert Rose are found missing, and it's up to Rose Gold to keep up with the Cityscape Spire.



Rosinca and Inca Rose are, or were, in a very intimate romantic relationship, this possibly ended since Rosinca is currently bubbled and Inca Rose is currently missing.


Inca Rose possesses standard gem abilities, such as fusing, shapeshifting, and summoning a weapon.


  • Enchanted Scepter Proficiency: Inca Rose has a Enchated Scepter with rose and plant-life foilages and decorations on it, it has many Amethysts and Jaspers incrusted on the wand.

Special Abilities

  • Teleportation: Inca Rose can teleport.


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  • The reason why there's Amethysts and Jaspers incrusted on the wand of Inca Rose's scepter is because Scepter Quartz is a gemstone and Amethysts and Jaspers are quartzes.