Dresden Never Dies is a series by Destricia. It is a part of her fanon universe, Lana's Undying Hell.


Dresden Never Dies is about a demi-Gem called Dresden, who is the son of a Diamond, Dresden Green Diamond. Dresden Green Diamond was a rebel in the Gem War, but they were heavily injured, so they lived in hiding until they found a human. They fell in love with him and so Green Diamond had a child which was named Dresden. He lives in a world where Gems make it impossible for him to live a normal life, but after Dresden's best friend is kidnapped, he realizes he has to do something.

Characters (Non-deceased)

  • Dresden Skie
  • Larry Skie
  • The Diamonds
  • Lavender Jade
    • Mrs. Tanners
  • Charoite
  • Laney Jones
  • Penny Majoria