The Cityscape Spire is a spire located in Cabochon Creek of New Yorsey on Earth, as of now it is used as a residential area for gems on Earth, this spire was made by Inca Rose and Rosinca, whom are Rose Quartz' close followers, during the rebellion. Many Vermarines and Coquinas helped with the building of this spire as well.


Formation and Establishment

Rose's Outcry (3727 B.C.-3734 B.C.)

While Rose Quartz was negotiating about the freedom of humans, Inca Rose and Rosinca, being close followers of Rose Quartz, tried to make a prototype of the temple that would become The Crystal Temple today. So they made a base so they could hide from the authority. Inca Rose and Rosinca called up many Vermarines and Coquinas to gather materials and help build the spire itself. It was finished one week before The Rebellion's war started.

Rosinca's Demise (3732 B.C.)

Unfortunately, Rosinca needed deep medical help, to the point where Rose didn't have anymore tears to fix her gem. She was bubbled later on, and still needs to be fixed, thus the current residents of the Cityscape Spire working on an elixr or medicine to help Rosinca.

Inca Rose's Trail of Tears (3732 B.C.-3723 B.C.)

Inca Rose eventually went missing after Rosinca got heavily damaged, she's still yet to be found, many speculate she changed her identity and became aligned with Homeworld. But that's just speculation.

Present Time

New Residents (2000-Present)

New residents, being Rock Candy Druzy, Danalite, Lapis Diaspore, and Rose Gold, have lived in the Cityscape Spire for 16 years.

Episodic History



  • This was originally located in Empire City.