Carmichael Baseball Academy is a series created by PixelMiette. It takes place in Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia and centers around five kids named Audrey, Zinnia, Leif, Cosmo and Verona who all play Baseball and try to compete in order to become the best of the best.



  • Audrey Reynolds: Audrey is shy and gentle and the presumable leader of the group. She always has her eyes set on winning and is somewhat of an overachiever. Voiced by Grey DeLisle.
  • Zinnia Dare: Zinnia is the bossy one. She is somewhat demanding and like Audrey, somewhat of an overachiever. Voiced by Dakota Fanning.
  • Leif Patton: Voiced by Greg Cipes.
  • Cosmo Clements: Voiced by Collin Dean.
  • Verona Carrey: Voiced by Rachael Lillis.


  • Helen Carmichael: Helen's grandfather was the founder and owner of the academy before he died of a heart disease.
  • Pauline Benoit:
  • Juanita Bone:



  • The series creator, PixelMiette lives about 4 hours away from Halifax in real life.
  • The baseball idea for the series was inspired by a 1970's anime called "Apache Baseball Academy (Apache Yakyugun (アパッチ野球軍))