"I'll have you know, my dearest Clarke, that language is public property, and I, therefore, have every right to modify it as I see fit." - Cally Jackson to Reginald Clark

Calliope "Cally" Jackson is a 15 year old New Yorker who attends the fictional Saint Harke High.

Physical Appearance

Cally is a pale, willowy yet fairly short teenager with thick, unruly, startlingly red hair, "lightning-like" blue eyes and freckles over her nose, cheeks and shoulders. She has pierced ears and a nose ring. Her outfit of choice consist of a embroidered bomber jacket, band tank, black shorts and canvas sneakers. She also has very sharp cheekbones.






  • Calliope and Reginald are based on their creator and one of the creator's friends. Calliope's literary skill, gender, taste in music and cheekbones are inherited from the creator, whereas her crazier moments, affinity for punching and height come from her friend.