Antique Brass Pearl or more commonly known as by her nickname, Antiq, is a character created by Aspenha and is in the Aspenha Andromeda fanverse.


Antiq has very long, straight, black hair and a candy red headband. She has a dusty rose top and pants, with a rose belt. She has a light cocoa brown complexion, a slight curvy frame and a somewhat tall height, standing at 5'7. They have dark brown eyes, and their gem is on their naval.


Antiq is very quiet and reserved, and only speaks when spoken too. But when her owner, Mahogany Obsidian, isn't around, she's very talkative, yet still calm and reserved. She's afraid of her owner but doesn't care about Mahogany at the same time, but she's afraid of being shattered for disobedient behavior as a Pearl.



Antiq was an Era-1 Pearl, being one of the very first pearls to be made by Nacre. Antiq was unknowingly sold in an annual Pearl Auction, and was bought by her current owner, Mahogany Obsidian.


Antique Brass Pearl possesses basic gem abilities, being shapeshifting, summoning a weapon, and fusing.


  • Crossbow Proficiency: Antiq can summon a crossbow, which has unlimited bows.
    • Ranged Weaponry Proficiency: As Antiq has a crossbow as her default weapon, she is skilled with other
  • Martial Arts: Antiq is a martial artist, thus leading her to have a very strong advantage in combat due to this fighting style.

Unique Abilities

  • Pssamokinesis: Antiq has the ability to manipulate sand.
    • Sand Mimicry: Antiq can transform into, or make her body be made out of sand.
  • Holographic Projection: Antiq can make holographic projections.
    • Self-Cloning: Antiq can make holographic clones of herself, she can have 4 of these at a time.


Mahogany Obsidian

MO and Antiq don't know each other that well but they do converse in a friendly matter occasionally. Antiq wants to run away from her owner and become a independent pearl but her owner doesn't know that at all.


  • ABP's nickname, Antiq, is a reference to the Wacom tablet, Cintiq.