Acrylians are humanoid figures made of paints, they dwell in the realm of Veneer. They are completely genderless and the amount of extra limbs or eyes effect how strong they are, if they have more than average numbers of eyes (2 eyes), then they are considered smarter and have much better vision, if they have more than average numbers of arms (2 arms), then they are considered to be stronger and much more skilled in combat, all Acrylians, even the average ones, are powerful, artistic, and fashionable, they usually engage in combat for fun as they're somewhat of fast healers.


  • Pastelle Copique (1st acrylian I thought of)
  • Calsilica Tempera (one i visualized while finalizing the idea)
  • Chroma Behr-Valspar (Queen of Veneer)
  • Akzo Devoe Valspar III (King of Veneer)
  • Sovehr (God of all Acrylians)

NOTE: These all have paint memorbillia in their names, Calislica is a type of paint rock, Copique is an exaggerated version of Copic, Chroma is a synonym of paint, Behr and Valspar are paint brands, Akzo and Devoe are paint brands, and Sovehr is the combination of Sova in the paint brand Anna Sova and the paint brand Behr.